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Vietnam has a coast line of 3,444 km and, all long that coastline, are beaches, especially in the central highland vietnam tour and southern areas. Some highly developed; some almost unknown. Most have beautiful white sands and warm clear water, making Vietnam an ideal destination for the beach lover. And don't forget the offshore islands.

The most famous beach area in Vietnam is Nha Trang in the south. Nah Trang has deep, quiet and warm waters all the year round and is surrounded by archipelagos, islands, mountains and white sand beaches. Nah Trang is popular with both Vietnamese and international visitors and the central highland vietnam tour parts of the beach can be busy, but beaches to the north of town and especially on the outlying islands are much quieter.Bai Tru Beach on Bamboo Island is worth the trip for peace and quiet.

In Nha Trang, you can also find the best seafood restaurants in central highland vietnam tour, as well as a number of Indian restaurants. Birds' Nest Soup is a local speciality.

Mui Ne, in the south, has fabulous stretches of white sand and is hot and dry almost all year. It is famous for its spectacular sand dunes. Strong sea breezes make it very popular for kitesurfing and windsurfing - though the sea-breezes can sometimes be too strong for sun bathing.

Phu Quoc in the far south is Vietnam's largest, and most beautiful, island. It has mountains, forests and superb sandy beaches perfect for nature lovers as well as sun-seekers. Long Beach is famous and popular and an ideal place to watch the sunset, whereas Ong Lan beach is for the romantics. Some beaches can only be reached by hiking over sandy paths.

The most unspoilt beach in Vietnam is probably the seemingly endless white sand China Beach, outside Danang, in central highland vietnam tour Vietnam. The area was important during the Vietnam war. This is where US troops landed and met heavy resistance from the Vietcong. Today it has reverted to what it always was - a beautiful beach. The official line is that Cua Dai is the real China Beach, but the locals will tell you that the real China Beach is at My Khe at the northern end, but really its just one long beach.

Some smaller, less well know, and so quieter, beaches include the many on the Con Dao Islands. Their relative isolation have protected them from over-exposure. If the crowds in Nha Trang are too much for you, head up the coast to Doc Let which also has beautiful clean white sand beaches.

Vung Tau to Phan Thiet is almost one long beach which remains almost deserted. Best area is Ho Coc, a glorious sandbar about midway along this stretch

In the far south, on the border with Cambodia,is Hai Tien which has some superb beaches. Hon Chong beach has soft white sand and calm waters. The nearby Tien Cave is interesting for its rock formations. Also try white sandy Duong Beach.
By boat from Ha Tien you can reach the Hai Tac islets which offer wonderful scuba diving. The larger islets also have lovely beaches - Hon Doc and Nghe Islands in particular.

So, whether you like the excitement of a thriving beach resorts or the pace of a semi-deserted paradise, Vietnam offers them all on its beautiful beaches. Want to take a had a sunbath in Vietnam? Here is an itinerary you may interesting:

IOT Vietnam Beach Tour Package

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